+ When was Vobile established?

Vobile US, the major operating company within our Group, was founded in 2005 by our CEO Mr. Wang. In 2016, Vobile Group Limited was founded and became the holding company of the US, Hong Kong, Canada and Japan operating subsidiaries.

+ Where is Vobile registered?

Vobile Group Limited is registered in the Cayman Islands.

+ Where is Vobile based?

The headquarters of Vobile Group Limited is in Silicon Valley, California, U.S.

+ Where is Vobile’s office?

Our headquarter is located in Silicon Valley, with additional offices in Portland, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

+ What are Vobile’s main businesses?

We offer SaaS solutions to our film studios, TV networks and other content owner customers and online video distribution sites using our proprietary software platforms to help them reduce infringement induced revenue loss and enable new revenue opportunities in online video distribution. Our business model can be categorized in two parts:

  • Subscription-based SaaS business – consisting primarily of content protection platforms (including VideoTracker and MediaWise) as well as content measurement platforms; and
  • Transaction-based SaaS business – consisting of content monetization platforms to enable revenue-sharing for conventional home video distribution through our Conventional PPT platform and online video distribution through our Online PPT platforms (including AVOD PPT platform, or “ReClaim,” and our TVOD PPT platform).

+ What is Vobile’s core technology?

Our core technology is VDNA technology, a proprietary digital fingerprinting technology that extracts the key characteristics of a piece of content that is used for identifying the content. We or our content owner customers use our VDNA tool to create a digital “fingerprint” of their video content. Through our VDNA technology, we have established a comprehensive VDNA database consisting of our content owner customers’ authorized digital fingerprints, metadata, and business rules. Integrating other advanced AI technologies such as video search, machine learning, natural language processing and advanced analytics, our primary content protection platform, VideoTracker, enables us to discover potentially infringing content across the internet accurately and efficiently.

+ What are the Company’s strategies for growth?

We intend to continue to strengthen our leading market position in content protection, grow our online PPT and content measurement platforms, strategically pursue expansion opportunities in China and Europe and pursue business expansion via strategic alliances and acquisitions.

+ Who are Vobile’s customers?

Our customers include some of the world’s largest film studios, including the Top Seven Global Film Studios, and many other film studios, TV networks and other content owners, and online video distribution sites.

If you cannot find the information you need on the website, you can email ir@vobilegroup.com.

+ Who can I contact Vobile’s customer support team?

To contact our customer support team, please email support@vobilegroup.com.